A Whole-Pie-Pastor

“And God gave them knowledge, intelligence in literature, wisdom… and Daniel received, in addition to all this, the ability to understand and interpret dreams and visions.” (Dan. 1:17-21)

These four youths were 10 times more useful to the King than all the other consultants he had surrounded himself with. These youth were: intellectual, practical (wisdom), spiritual, and faithful.

There is something beautiful about this. God gave this (intellectual, practical, spiritual, faithful) to them. It’s so rare to find all of these in one person. It doesn’t say the others understood dreams and visions, only Daniel. Interesting. I am drawn to men and women who have all four, rare indeed. An intellectual who does not only know how to think, how to retain knowledge, but also knows how to bring that knowledge down from head to foot. And intellectual who is also deeply spiritual, or one who moves in the supernatural. An intellectual who is faithful, who does not confuse his love to study the word of God with a love for the God of the word. I believe pastors need to be all four (intellectual, practical, spiritual, faithful). I want to be all four. Maybe the four are not even-slices of one pie, one slice might be larger than the other three, but they make up the whole pastor. The sight of a whole pie, fresh out of the oven, is a beautiful thing. The sight of a half-eaten pie… not so much. Unless, of course, you go back into the kitchen hoping to find some left.

Are you intellectual, practical (wisdom), spiritual, faithful? If there is one of these four that you are the weakest in which would it be? What might you do to correct that? Your church needs you to be a whole-pie-pastor.

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