A Time to Cast And a Time to Mend

Mark 1:16-19

As Jesus was strolling along the shore of the Sea of Galilee he came upon Simon and Andrew who were casting their nets in the sea. Later on, further down the shore, he approached the two sons of Zebedee, James and John, who were mending their nets. Simon and Andrew casting their nets, James and John mending their nets.

Nets start out new, then they get worn and battered. You can mend them but I would imagine that eventually they would need to be thrown out and replaced. Then the process would start all over again. James and John were taught by their father not only how to cast, but also how to mend. Both are essential skills for fishermen. Both are essential skills for a pastor, and even a non-pastor.

With casting you are standing and throwing and pulling. With mending you are sitting and inspecting and repairing, strengthening the weak spots. A healthy rhythm results: casting, mending, casting, mending. This rhythm keeps the fishing business going.

Pastors (and non-pastors) can be like nets that need to be mended. Pastors (and non-pastors) need to know when it’s time to sit and mend the nets of their souls. Pastors need to know what programs (or ministries) in their church need mending and which ones need replacing.

How are your nets? How is the net of your soul? Is it time for you to sit and inspect and repair the weak spots? How are the departments (or various ministries in your church) doing? Could they use some repair, some mending? Or is it possible that they are so worn out they need to be thrown out and replaced with new nets? Just as casting and mending are essential for a fisherman, so to is it essential for pastors to know the balance and rhythm of casting and mending in his own heart and the heart of their church.