A ‘Jesus Question’ For Pastors




Lately I’ve been using the questions Jesus asked to be the focus of my quiet times. This morning I came to Matt. 24:45 and thought of you.

“Who then is the faithful and and sensitive slave who his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time?”

  1. God only asks that you be faithful to your call. The world values success, God values faithfulness.
  2. God wants you to be sensitive, sensitive to his voice, sensitive to what he’s doing in your heart, and sensitive to the needs of your people.
  3. You are God’s slave, not the churches slave.
  4. God is the master. It is his church, not yours. We all believe this but our prayers and schedule often betray us. How you pray and what your calendar looks like says a lot about how much we believe this. You might need to think about this one.
  5. God has put you ‘in charge.’ You are the pastor, you are the one called to lead. Sure…we have other leaders, others who help us lead, but you have been placed in charge. Be confident in your calling and don’t let fear keep you from being the leader you’ve been called to be and the leader your church needs you to be.
  6. God wants you to make sure they are being fed. No doubt, what first comes to your mind is the pulpit. But there are other ways people are fed. We want to teach out people to feed one another. And most importantly, we want to train our people to feed themselves.

Which of these six speaks to you the most? Bring this to God in reflective prayer and see what he impresses on you.


  1. Carla’s avatar

    One thing I heard last week that really was meaningful, and kind of a new idea for me, although not really new at the same time. Stop thinking so much about being a leader, but concentrate more on being a follower. Of course, someone has to lead, which in my case is my husband, as the pastor. But when we really concentrate on following, Jesus, and becoming more like Him, the leadership seems easier. Not following people but Him.
    What do you think? Priorities will be more in line with His and attitudes. I think humility will be more of a goal.

  2. Dave Jacobs’s avatar

    Hi Carla, good comment. You said, “…when we really concentrate on following, Jesus, and becoming more like Him, the leadership seems easier.” I’m not sure it becomes easier, but you’re right, it might ‘seem’ easier to us due to our close proximity to Jesus. Energy, Encouragement, motivation, and endurance are closely connected to our proximity (deep relationship) with Jesus. Be blessed. And thanks again for leaving your thoughts.

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