7 things I’ve learned after one year of blogging: suggestions from one still learning.

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, so I’m still new to this. When I started out I needed to come up with a really cool name for my blog so I decided on, Dave Jacobs. I’m really not sure how “popular” my blog is as I don’t follow how many visits I get, but I’m fairly certain my wife reads it, so that’s one for sure.

Anyways…here are seven suggestions or tips I have for creating a good blog…even if no one reads it.

1. Keep it short. Unless someone is unemployed, has insomnia, or is stalking you they will probably not want to take the time to read 2000 words. The shorter the post the more likely it is that they will read it. I try to keep mine at or under 500 words.

2. Keep it consistent. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen pastors start a blog, post a couple articles, and then they disappear never to be heard from again until they become unemployed or develop insomnia. You need to post at least once a week, twice is better, if you are going to be taken seriously, especially by those who stalk you.

3. Keep it relevant. No one cares what you are interesting in unless it’s something they are interested in. Know who your target audience is and write to them. Scratch where people itch. I never feel completely comfortable when I say that.

4. Keep it honest. Give credit where credit is due. Don’t steal stuff from others and make it look like it’s yours…especially if it’s my stuff.

5. Keep it traceable. This is related to #4. Provide links to sites that inspired you or from which you used to gather your information. And in case you’re mentioning “studies” or statistics I will not believe you unless you point me to your source. 73% of all blog-readers dismiss unsubstantiated data.

6. Keep it focused. If you are all over the place in your writing you will have fewer people subscribe to your site. Develop a reputation for focusing on a limited number of subjects. For example, I typically focus on resourcing and encouraging pastors and church leaders. And finally…

7. Let someone else have the blog that is negative, critical, judgmental, arrogant, contemptuous, and mean-spirited. There are enough of those out there, be original, be nice.

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