6 Questions To Ask Before Placing Someone In Leadership.


1. Do they buy into your values? Remember that you are the leader; they need to follow your lead, not the other way around. Occasionally someone will join your church with a hidden agenda. As the pastor of the church you need a leadership team that will support your agenda. For example, if you value enthusiastic, heart-felt worship and you want to take your church in that direction, it will be difficult to do so if one of your leaders does not share that value.

2. Does your spouse feel good about this person? Oftentimes women have better discernment than men do about these things. I’m not sure why this seems so but it has been my experience.

3. Do they seem humble and willing to support your vision? See point #1.

4. Do they come with a good reputation from their previous church? You’ll only know if you call their former pastor.

5. Do you like them? I don’t think your leaders have to be your circle of friends but you need to enjoy them enough to hang out with them once in a while.

6. Do they share your theological convictions? Example: if you believe that women can be pastors and they don’t…you’re going to have trouble down the road.

The bottom line in selecting leaders is to always choose character over talent/ability. The problem with this is that it takes time to recognize someone’s godly character. But your only other option is to haphazardly put people in leadership and hope for the best. Yikes! Remember…it’s easier to get them in than it is to get them out.