10 Things I Wish Christians Understood About Church Growth


1. It’s hard to grow a church. If you’re looking for someone or something to blame for a lack of growth, chances are you should blame “hard”.

2. You can’t close the back door. People will come and go.

3. Your church can be healthy and still not grow. A lack of growth is not necessarily a sign of a lack of health.

4. Our fascination with size is a western-culture thing, not a kingdom-culture thing.

5. The #1 way a church grows is by personal invitation. If you want your church to grow then invite people.

6. The most common reason why people leave is because of unresolved hurt, offense, and disagreement. Resolve your hurt, offense, and disagreement or else you might contribute to the problem.

7. There is no “key” to church growth.

8. Just because the church down the road is larger than yours or is growing faster than yours does not mean they know something you don’t know.

9. In regards to church-life & church-growth, most pastors know more than anyone else in their church does.

10. Evangelistic events seldom result in church growth. Sorry, but it’s true.